In order to comply with the obligations deriving from the national regulation (D. Lgs 30 June 2003 n. 196, Code regarding the protection of personal data) and of the Community, (European Regulation for personal data protection n. 679/2016, GDPR) and subsequent changes, this website respects and protects the confidentiality of all visitors and users, putting in place every possible and proportionate effort in order not to damage the users’ rights.
This policy on privacy is applied exclusively to online activities of this website and it concerns all website visitors/users. It’s not applied to information eventually gathered through channels different to the actual website. The purpose of the policy on privacy is to give the maximum transparency referring to the information that this website collects and how the latter uses it.

Legal basis of the policy on privacy
This website deals with data based on consent. By using or consulting this website visitors and users explicitly approve the actual policy on privacy and agree on the handling of their personal data in regards with the ways and purposes described as follows, included the possible transmission to third parties if that is necessary to the supply of a service. The provision of data and accordingly the Consent to the gathering and handling of data are optional, the User may deny his/her consent, and may recede from an already provided consent anytime (via email : info@treesselamiere.it). Nevertheless denying this consent may result in not being able to provide some services and the surfing of the net experience may be compromised. Since 25 May 2018 (entry into force date of GDPR), the actual website will handle some of its data according to the legitimate interests of the data handling’s holder.

Collected info and its purposes
Just like any other website this one uses logging files in which the information gathered is kept through an automated manner during users’ visits. The collected info may include: - internet address protocol (IP) ;
- type of browser and device parameters used to connect to the website;
- name of the internet service provider (ISP);
- visitor’s date and time ;
- visitor’s and exiting web page (referral);
- country of origin;
- the eventual click number;
The collection of data and information takes place in virtue of the following purposes :
- exclusively in an aggregated and anonymous manner in order to verify the correct functioning of the website. None of this info is related to the actual person-User of the website and the identification won’t be allowed at all (from 25 May 2018 such information will be dealt with according to the holder’s legitimate interests);
- security reasons (antispam filters, firewall, virus detection), the automatically recorded data may also eventually include personal data such as the Ip address, which might be used, in accordance with the current applicable laws, to block potential cyber attacks to the very same website or cause damage to other users, or else stop harmful activities or those which are deemed crimes. Such data is never used to identify the user or draw a profile of the latter, or even crisscrossed with other data or passed onto third parties, but utilised only for website and user protection purposes (from 25 May 2018 such information will be dealt with according to the holder’s legitimate interests);
- to communicate data to third parties which carry out tasks that are necessary or instrumental to the service functioning such as, for example, the handling of comments on the website.
Wherever this website allows the insertion of comments, or in case of specific services required by the user (through the Contact section), the actual website automatically detects and record some of the user’s identification data, included the email address or the nickname. Such data is meant to be voluntarily provided by the user at the time of delivery of the service and is dealt with according to the consent given. By adding a comment or any other information the user openly accepts the disclosure on privacy and in particular allows the free viewing of the inserted content to other visitors.
The received data will be utilised exclusively for the required supply of the service purpose and only for the time necessary to allow the supply of the service.
The data that website users will intend to make public throughout the services and the means made available by the very same users is provided wilfully and voluntarily, exempting this website from whatsoever responsibility as regard to possible laws violations. It’s up to the user to verify that he holds the permits necessary for third parties personal data input or for the taking in of content protected by national and international laws.
Data which is collected during the website activities is used exclusively for the above mentioned purposes and is kept just for the time strictly needed to carry out those specified activities. In any case the personal data collected from this website will never ever be passed onto third parties unless a legitimate request from the judicial authority side is issued and only for particular cases contemplated by the current regulation. Nevertheless, data may be provided to third parties where it’s necessary in order to allow the delivery of a specific service required by the User (for example managing of comments) or execute websites security and optimisation checks.
Place of handling
All data detected from this website is dealt by the headquarters of the Holder of the Handling and by:
Treesse SRL - Via del Poggione S.n.c. Località La Macchia, 55023 Diecimo - Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Cod. Fiscale e Partita IVA: 01438390468
which is hold responsible for handling data, processing the latter on behalf of the owner, and located in the European Economic Area and that performs in compliance with European Laws.

As it is common with all websites, this website uses cookies too, small text files allowing to keep data on visitors’ likings, in order to improve this website performance, simplify the surfing on the net automating the procedures (ex. Login, website language) and analyse how the website is being used. Session cookies are essential in order to distinguish among connected users and prevent one particular requested function coming from the wrong user being supplied to this website or even for security reasons in order to prevent website cyber attacks. Session cookies don’t include personal data and will last only for the duration of the current session, that is to say up to the browser closure. Consent is not required for such cookies.
Functionality cookies utilised by this website are strictly necessary for the website functioning, in particular these cookies are connected to an open functionality request from the user side (such as the Login), and no consent is needed for such cookies. By using this website, by continuing the surfing on the net, or by clicking OK on the banner visualised when first accessing this website, the visitor openly agrees on using cookies and similar technologies and in particular on the recording of such cookies over his/her computer for the above mentioned purposes or on consenting to give access, via cookies, to information on his/her terminal.
List of Cookies contained in this website
name : « _ga » (Analytics)
name : « _gat gtag (Analytics)
name : « gid » (Analytics)

Cookie disabling
Cookies are connected to the utilised browser and CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER hence declining/revoking the consent to cookies utilisation. One must bear in mind that the disabling of cookies might hamper the correct handling of some performing features of the website itself.
The instructions on how to disable cookies are to be found in the following web pages:
Mozilla Firefox – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – Google Chrome – Opera – Apple Safari

Third parties cookies
The current website also acts as an intermediary to third parties cookies, the latter utilised in order to offer visitors further services and tools to help improve this website performance, such as links to Social Media. The current policy on privacy is not applied to services provided by third parties and this website has no control whatsoever over their cookies, which are managed entirely by third parties, nor by no means has access to data collected through such cookies. The contract of data transfer takes place directly between the user/visitor and third parties whereas this website doesn’t take part in this transfer at all. Hence the data on the processing of such cookies and on the purposes of the latter not to mention the ways taken to possible disabling are supplied directly by third parties here in the following pages. In particular the current website utilises cookies by these third parties:
- Google (Google Analytics cookie): Google Analytics is one of Google tools of analysis which, through the utilisation of cookies (performance cookies), collects anonymous surfing data (truncated to the last octet) with the purpose to examine the utilisation of the website by users, fill reports out based on the website activities and provide other information, included the number of visitors and the pages visited. Google may also transfer such data to third parties where it’s enforced by law or when such third parties handle the above data on behalf of Google. The data transferred onto Google is stored by Google servers in the United States of America. As regard to a specific deal with Google, which is hold responsible for users data handling, the subject in question undertakes to process data upon the Holder’s requests provided directly by the software settings. According to such settings, advertising and sharing of data options are disabled.
Further information on Google Analytics cookies is to be found on the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites. The user may selectively disable (opt-out) the collection of data on behalf of Google Analytics by installing on his/her own browser a dedicated component provided by Google (opt out).
- Google (Youtube cookie). Youtube is an app belonging to Google, used for video sharing, which utilises cookies to collect users and surfing tools data. The majority of videos found in this website don’t hold any cookies when accessing the page, the option « advanced privacy (no cookie) » is being set for this purpose preventing YouTube from memorising the data on visitors unless the latter open to watch the video voluntarily.
In order to get access to more info concerning the utilisation and handling of data by Google, it is advisable to view such information on a Google dedicated page and on the one referring to the ways of using data by Google when utilising partners’ websites or apps.

Plugin Social Network e APP
The current website also embodies plugin and/or Social Media buttons in order to allow a smooth content sharing across your favourite Social networks. These plugin are programmed in such a way so that no cooking setting is required when logging onto the page, this is to safeguard the users privacy. Cookies are eventually set, if envisaged by social networks, only when the user effectively utilises the plugin. It’s important to notice that if the user is surfing when being logged onto a social network then he/she must have already agreed on this website cookies at the time of registering to the social network in question.
The collection and use of data obtained through the plugin are regulated by social network respective privacy rules to which you may refer to.
– Facebook (link cookie disclosure) – Twitter (link cookie disclosure) – LinkedIn (link cookie disclosure) – Google+ (link cookie disclosure) – Paypal (link cookie disclosure)

Data transfer to Extraeuropean Countries
The current website might be sharing some of the data collected through services located outside the European Union area. Specifically with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) by means of plugin socials and Google Analytics service. This data transfer is authorised on the basis of decisions made by the European Union and the guarantor for the protection of personal data, particularly the regulation 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield – please refer to the Italian Guarantor’s page on policy) so that no further consent is needed. The above mentioned companies ensure their cohesion to the Privacy Shield.

Security measures
The current website handles users data in a transparent and correct manner, adopting all the appropriate security measures meant to prevent unauthorised data access and unauthorised disclosure, alteration or cancellation of data. The handling of data is carried out through digital and/or telematic channels, thanks to organizational and logical arrangements set up specifically to the above purposes. In particular, this website’s managing software is constantly updated and regularly scanned so as to be able to detect viruses and dangerous codes. In some cases, beside the holder, categories of representatives involved in the website organisation (administrative and commercial staff, marketing and legal experts, system administrators) or external subjects (such as external technical services suppliers, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies and communication agencies).

User’s rights
Pursuant to the European regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and according to article 7 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196 http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/1311248, the user may exert, according to the methods and within the limits established by the current legislation, the following rights:
- to oppose in whole or in part, because of personal data legitimate purposes concerning the sending of advertising material or direct sale or the carrying out of commercial communication or market research;
- to request confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him/her (right to access);
- to get to know its origin;
- to receive intelligible communication;
- to acquire data on the logic and purpose behind the handling of data, its modality;
- to request its updating, correction, integration, cancellation, anonymous transformation, and the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including data which is no longer necessary to the pursuing of the purposes for which it was first collected;
- in all cases of consent based handling of data, to be able to receive, at the sole cost of any support, his/her holder’s previously supplied data, in a structured manner, readable by a data processor and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;
- the right to file a complaint to the competent control Authority;
- nonetheless, more in general, to be able to exert all eligible rights recognised by the current legal provisions;

Handling of data Holder
The data holder is this website administrator in accordance with the current applicable laws:
Treesse SRL - Via del Poggione S.n.c. Località La Macchia, 55023 Diecimo - Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Cod. Fiscale e Partita IVA: 01438390468

Responsible for the Policy on Privacy
Treesse SRL - Via del Poggione S.n.c. Località La Macchia, 55023 Diecimo - Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Cod. Fiscale e Partita IVA: 01438390468
is hold responsible for data handling, processing data on behalf of the holder. Our business operates within the European Economic Area and acts in compliance with European laws. Google is hold responsible for data handling, processing data on behalf of the holder (Google Analytics).

The current policy on privacy is updated on 5 May 2018.